'as others see us' ebook

Celebrating poet Robert Burns, this ebook features 28 portraits including Ian RankinHardeep Singh KohliEddi ReaderPeter Capaldi and The Proclaimers. Each portrait is accompanied by text produced by the sitter discussing their love for their favourite Burns poem.

In addition the ebook contains stunning audio recitals of their chosen poem by the actors Alan CummingBrian Cox and Ashley Jensen plus the poet Jackie Kay. These beautifully atmospheric recitals are unique to this ebook. The ebook also contains a beautiful rendition of 'A man's a man for a' that' by Ian F Benzie.

 Movie and sample extracts from the ebook below.

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Alan Cumming - actor

What I love about this poem is that Burns is doing what we all try desperately to do when we are in love – to make the other person understand just how deep our love for them is.

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Hardeep Singh Kohli - author, broadcaster & chef

Some people write Burns off  as merely a romantic poet  and a songsmith but work like ‘Such a Parcel of Rogues in a Nation’ shows Burns to be passionately political when it comes to the constitutional future of the Scottish nation. Scotland and the Scots seem to historically blame the English for everything. Burns manages to rise above such petty politics to see the whole issue in context. He blames the Scots for selling their ain folk out; and the price was paid in English gold. This searing political insight was some two hundred years ahead of its time. Scotland's destiny rests in Scotland's hands.

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Craig and Charlie Reid, The Proclaimers - musicians

He was so much greater than the people who came after that it is hard to get a handle on it sometimes. I can’t say he has directly influenced my music, but I would hope his rebelliousness and the humanitarianism in his work would be an inspiration for anyone who writes songs, or does anything else.

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Ian Rankin - author

I turned to Burns and ‘Parcel of Rogues’, a bitter poem about the rough wooing of Scotland. It chimed with one of the themes of the book and though I can’t recite it by heart, the hair on my scalp prickles whenever I hear it.

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The sitters in order of appearance in the above video

Brian Cox - actor, Denise Mina - author, Hardeep Singh Kohli - broadcaster and chef, Neil Gillon - Ayrshire farmer, Edwin Morgan - poet, Alan Cumming - actor, Pat Doyle - composer, Peter Howson - artist, Ashley Jensen - actor, Christopher Brookmyre - author, Joe and Jim Walker -Walkers Shortbread, Alex Salmond - ex First Minister of Scotland, Janice Galloway - author, Sir Malcolm Macgregor - Clan Chief, Tommy Dreelan - mogul, Tom Kitchin - chef, Kirsty Wark - broadcaster, Aamer Anwar - human rights lawyer, Eddi Reader - musician, Jackie Kay - poet,  Andrew O'Hagan - author, Ian Rankin - author, Alexander Stoddart - Her Majesty's Sculptor in Ordinary in Scotland, Peter Capaldi - actor, Nicola Benedtti - musician, Walter Nimmo - songwriter, Janice Kirkpatrick - designer, The Proclaimers - musicians.

The ebook also features essays by Robert Burns expert Professor David Purdie and Julie Lawson, curator at The Scottish National Portrait Gallery.