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Now that everone is back to work after the festive season and hopefully over the first few frenetic days, why not take a few moments to kickback and watch a video of some of our more recent work for some fantastic clients plus a sneaky peek at some of our personal images. You'll maybe have seen some of the shots before but there's also plenty of unpublished images too...enjoy!



the story behind a man and a dog

Below is our latest portrait for Elevator. Based in the North East, Elevator is a social enterprise offering support to entrepreneurs, employees and business leaders in Scotland.

The portrait is of Graeme Bone, Managing Director of Drum Property Group, who was named Entrepreneur of the Year at the annual Elevator awards ceremony last year. Graeme received the award due to his exceptional leadership in making the Drum Property Group one of the most successful commercial and residential development groups in the country.

The portrait is part of an on-going series that we produce for Elevator's 'Hall of Fame', which features other notables such as Deborah O'Neil, Ciaran Dreelan, Roy MacGregor and Andy Bird. 

We used a sleek, modern building at the Prime Four business park (a Drum Property Group development near Aberdeen) as a backdrop to the shot. We chose this particular building as we needed a background that was dynamic and uncluttered. We wanted the shot to reflect Graeme's leadership and personality, which is bold and precise in business and very relaxed away from work. He has a great love for family, friends and pets...hence the inclusion of Pepsi, his lovely pet labrador.

Both Graeme and Pepsi we're brilliant on the shoot, it's amazing the how well things go when you have a tennis ball in your hand...the ball was for Pepsi as Graeme needed very little direction! All joking aside Graeme was very kind and patient as were all the people we dealt with from Drum Property, namely Fife Hyland plus Keith, Carol and Colin.

For technical people out there we shot the image on a Hasselblad tethered to a Mac and straight into Phocus. We used Bowens QUAD 3KM heads running from an Explorer 1500 battery generator to light the scene. Post-processing took place in Lightroom and Photoshop.

We're pleased to report that Graeme is very happy with the portrait as are Gary McEwan (Chief Executive, Elevator) and Michelle Barclay (Communications Manager, Elevator).......Pepsi hasn't replied to any of our emails.

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Lung transplant charity raises over 20K

Warren Cummings died when he was 31. He worked until 6 months before his death when his lungs deteriorated and he died of pneumonia. 

Warren had been on the waiting list for assessment for a double lung transplant. The waiting time is typically 12 to 15 months and almost half of those with Cystic Fibrosis die whilst on the waiting list. Often donor lungs are not suitable for transplantation because of infection and inflammation but there is a suggestion that perfusion of donor lungs with appropriate drugs after removal from the donor might “recondition” the lung and make lungs, which were only marginally suitable, usable in needy patients. If this is confirmed, it may increase markedly the availability of lungs for transplantation and could shorten the waiting time.

Warren’s family and friends have established Warren’s Wish, with the support of the University of Edinburgh, to fund research in the Department of Surgery focussing on methodology to make more lungs available for transplantation in patients with Cystic Fibrosis and other life-limiting lung conditions.

Norma Kellet, together with her husband Walter Nimmo, arranged an art exhibition/sale in aid of the Warren's Wish charity to raise some funds for University research. Norma, who we've known for several years, asked if we would be willing to donate a photograph to the exhibition....we were of course happy to do so. We chose 'Meadows In The Snow', the best selling image from our Rebus's Scotland Fine Art Prints collection and we're happy to say that it sold helping to raise more than £20,000.

Click here for more information about Warren's Wish.

Click here for more information about Rebus's Scotland Fine Art Prints.

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Happy Burns Night!

To celebrate Burns Night 2016 The Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh is exhibiting our portrait of musician Eddi Reader which they hold in their collection. This portrait is part of our successful ‘as others see us’ Burns inspired project originally generated in 2009. Eddi looking gorgeous as ever is situated to the left of the main entrance in a very posh display case!

A fabulous ebook WITH sound was produced to accompany the project, see it here

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tales of a designer, a logo, Fiona Hyslop, two spacemen & a dog

Last Tuesday we shot our first portrait for a new client to us…VisitScotland. They chose us for the commission after checking out our web site...they particularly liked our shot of Entreprneur Richard Tait, #chuffed (see it in this gallery).  The venue was the Biscuit Factory, Edinburgh and the sitter was designer Maria Garcia Tena who won the competition to design the '2016 Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design' logo. The competition was run by VisitScotland to celebrate young creatives in Scotland.

The shoot involved taking a variety of portraits of Maria with a large vinyl printout of her design in the background, as ever we took additional shots without the logo to keep options open for publicity materials.

A selection of portraits needed to be turned round fast (some requiring Photoshop composite work) in order to meet the launch deadline. We're happy to say all went well and we delivered the images ahead of schedule and were even happier to get an email from the client saying "…Really like them. Think you’ve captured her fantastically. Thanks so much." Makes it all worth while!


For those that don't know (probably very few) the Biscuit Factory,Edinburgh is a brilliant arts & fashion hub in the former Crawford’s biscuit factory just off Bonnington Road in Leith. Everyone at The Biscuit Factory was a delight to work with and couldn't do enough to help make sure we had all we needed for the shoot. The space has fantastic light and is huge. So large in fact, there was a press shoot taking place at the same time for Edinburgh Science Festival involving Fiona Hyslop, two spacemen, press photographers and TV crews....we hardly even noticed they were there!

Below we've also include a couple of shots we took when we went to recce the location. One is of Alan Forgie (one of the Biscuit Factory owners) and the other is tail end of Logie who was having a fab time running around the venue during the recce!