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Fashion Show

In 2012 we were commissioned by Glasgow Caledonian University to capture life behind the scenes over an academic year. These pictures are from the student fashion show...we hope we have captured all the buzz and excitement the students had showing their work to their peers, family and friends!!

I hope they had a good time as we certainly did!



Entrepreneurial Scotland

November again… time for the Entrepreneurial Exchange Annual Dinner. An exciting time for the Exchange as they have now joined forces with the Saltire Foundation to form ‘Entrepreneurial Scotland' - a new organization being formed in Scotland in a bid to "catalyse" a new era of entrepreneurial and economic growth.

The portraits being unveiled at Thursday’s dinner are the 2013 inductees to the ‘Hall of Fame’ Mr. Roy McGregor and Mrs. Ann Budge which brings the total number of inductees to 40… and we have loved photographing each and every one.

To quote the Exchange these are  “A truly inspirational group of individuals who demonstrate just what can be achieved in Scotland by people with vision, passion and hard work.”

We feel so privileged to have met the Hall of Fame members who are a pretty diverse bunch, through our portraits we have tried to depict something of their personalities and achievements and capture what makes them truly inspirational.

We hope you like these latest two, John Anderson the former chief executive of the Exchange “Loved them”.

To view more portraits see:

Mr Roy McGregor was photographed at Nigg Yard on the Cromarty Firth which was purchased by the Global Energy Group in 2011

Mrs Ann Budge the first female chairwoman of Hearts Football Club was photographed at their Tynecastle ground.

© broad daylight 2014


© broad daylight 2014


teamplayers…it's brilliant!

Here's a little taster of what went on behind the scenes at the shoots for our TEAMPLAYERS exhibition. The athletes were all fantastic and so good to work with...really inspirational. We'd like to thank all of them and to wish those taking part in The Commonwealth Games the best of luck.

video and images © broad daylight

The exhibition launched at the Royal Commonwealth Pool, Edinburgh and ran until 18th June 2014. It is currently on show in The Museum of Edinburgh and will travel to The University of Edinburgh Centre for Sport and Exercise later in the year. See the portraits and read more information here.

Go Team Scotland!

Some technical information
We used our standard lighting kit for the actual portraits which is a Hasselblad fitted with a digital back tethered to a Mac laptop. The lights are Bowens Quad 3KM Mini Flash Heads powered by a Bowens Explorer 1500 pack. We used a variety of reflectors, softboxes and umbrellas. Post-production was done in Lightroom and Photoshop. For the behind the scenes images we used Nikon cameras re the short videos and we used Fuji X Series cameras for the stills...a couple of still images are 'grabbed' from video sequences shot on the Nikon.

New 'Hall of Fame' portraits!

The portraits unveiled at the Entrepreneurial Exchange Annual Dinner Dinner on 28th November are of the 2012 inductees into their Hall of Fame, Gio Benedetti and Maitland Mackie. They’re fab guys!!

Our association with the Exchange started in 2005 when we were commissioned to shoot all 22 Hall of Fame members to mark the Exchange's 10th birthday. The portraits were exhibited at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh who acquired them for their permanent collection. The National Portrait Gallery in London purchased the portraits of Brian Souter and Sir Tom Hunter…happy days!

© broad daylight

The above portrait of Maitland Mackie depicts him where he is most at ease…the farmland he grew up on and from where he developed the global Mackie's of Scotland brand. Maitland graciously gave us a personal tour of the farm and factory so that we could look at the various options for shoot locations. The possibilities ranged from inside cowsheds to the factory where the famous Mackie's of Scotland ice cream is made (for reference a personal favourite of ours is Honeycomb!). Another possible location was in the hills immediately above the farm and factory beside the three wind turbines that power the farm and factory. As Maitland is extremely keen on renewable energy and the environment this is the spot we decided to use as it references where he comes from combined with his thoughts for the future. The tractor in the background is also a nod to Maitland's life in farming. Not wanting to put all our eggs in one basket (so to speak) we also shot an alternative with Maitland in cowshed with some young calves which he tried to control with ice cream…turns out calves favour Chocolate Mint!

© broad daylight

This double portrait of Gio Benedetti was taken in his home. Although an incredibly successful businessman Gio is very much a man whose family and home life are ever bit as important to him as his work. We wanted to reflect this aspect of his character by using his home as a backdrop in one image along with a close up that reveals his thoughtful, caring side that also captures a slight twinkle in his eye…he has a great dry, sense of humour.

We have now shot 34 Hall of Fame portraits in total…time for a new book I think!!

See the project at and portraits at



taking the official portrait of Lesley Hinds

This image is the result of a commission to shoot the official portrait of Councillor Lesley Hinds.  The portrait began life after an initial meeting with Lesley, her husband Martin and various council officials to talk over our approach to portraiture and to give Lesley a chance to decide if she wanted us to undertake the commission...fortunately we must have said something Lesley liked as we got the job! We are always flattered when someone likes our work and we were thrilled to be entrusted with this commission. In our careers we have photographed hundreds of people, with all of our subjects we try to show more than a mere representation of someone, we want something of their character to come through and be communicated to the viewer. We gained some information about Lesley and did a little research and decided to shoot her in the very grand Lord Provost's chair but not in it's usual setting in the City Chambers rather in a place that had some relevance to her work which is why we portrayed her in Inverleith Park with Inverleith, the Council ward she represents as a backdrop which also allowed a little nod to the Edinburgh skyline the city she loves and calls home. Her husband Martin was also to be included as he is her Consort and her rock, a double portrait always presents a little more of a challenge but Martin was very patient with us shifting him around! The book on the right hand arm of the chair is 'One City' produced by the One City trust reflecting Lesley's involvement in this project created to highlight awareness of social justice. The position of Lord Provost comes with some gravitas but the addition of Lesley's little red shoes illustrate her own sense of style.

The actual day of the shoot was a bit overcast so after the chair was manhandled into position it had to be protected from a passing shower of rain as did the camera and lighting gear. By the time Lesley and Martin arrived the rain had passed, the sun came out and we were treated to some great clouds to add interest to the sky. The still image below is the final result of a number of people working together to help us realise out initial concept….hopefully it was worth the effort.

We've also included a short video (below) which we filmed during the shoot…not too easy to do when you're setting up a stills camera tethered to a laptop, positioning lights and balancing them to daylight plus organising the props and then interacting with the subjects. It's our first attempt at doing this so please be gentle….oh and the music is by Peter Fenton, a wonderful musician and great friend.

© broad daylight

a little technical stuff

We used a Hasselblad fitted with a digital back tethered to a Mac laptop. The lighting kit used was a Bowens Explorer 1500 pack + two Quad 3KM Mini Flash Heads. One of the heads was fitted with a smallish softbox and the other was fitted with a 32° degree high-performance reflector. We used both Lightoom and Photoshop in post-production.


video and portrait © broad daylight - music © Peter Fenton