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taking the official portrait of Lesley Hinds

This image is the result of a commission to shoot the official portrait of Councillor Lesley Hinds.  The portrait began life after an initial meeting with Lesley, her husband Martin and various council officials to talk over our approach to portraiture and to give Lesley a chance to decide if she wanted us to undertake the commission...fortunately we must have said something Lesley liked as we got the job! We are always flattered when someone likes our work and we were thrilled to be entrusted with this commission. In our careers we have photographed hundreds of people, with all of our subjects we try to show more than a mere representation of someone, we want something of their character to come through and be communicated to the viewer. We gained some information about Lesley and did a little research and decided to shoot her in the very grand Lord Provost's chair but not in it's usual setting in the City Chambers rather in a place that had some relevance to her work which is why we portrayed her in Inverleith Park with Inverleith, the Council ward she represents as a backdrop which also allowed a little nod to the Edinburgh skyline the city she loves and calls home. Her husband Martin was also to be included as he is her Consort and her rock, a double portrait always presents a little more of a challenge but Martin was very patient with us shifting him around! The book on the right hand arm of the chair is 'One City' produced by the One City trust reflecting Lesley's involvement in this project created to highlight awareness of social justice. The position of Lord Provost comes with some gravitas but the addition of Lesley's little red shoes illustrate her own sense of style.

The actual day of the shoot was a bit overcast so after the chair was manhandled into position it had to be protected from a passing shower of rain as did the camera and lighting gear. By the time Lesley and Martin arrived the rain had passed, the sun came out and we were treated to some great clouds to add interest to the sky. The still image below is the final result of a number of people working together to help us realise out initial concept….hopefully it was worth the effort.

We've also included a short video (below) which we filmed during the shoot…not too easy to do when you're setting up a stills camera tethered to a laptop, positioning lights and balancing them to daylight plus organising the props and then interacting with the subjects. It's our first attempt at doing this so please be gentle….oh and the music is by Peter Fenton, a wonderful musician and great friend.

© broad daylight

a little technical stuff

We used a Hasselblad fitted with a digital back tethered to a Mac laptop. The lighting kit used was a Bowens Explorer 1500 pack + two Quad 3KM Mini Flash Heads. One of the heads was fitted with a smallish softbox and the other was fitted with a 32° degree high-performance reflector. We used both Lightoom and Photoshop in post-production.


video and portrait © broad daylight - music © Peter Fenton


tricia's work in a cool mag!

So chuffed to have an image included in the summer issue of American Magazine SHOTS. “The issue includes an exceptional and often surprising variety of work by over 40 international photographers”. My image is entitled ‘Circus Woman’ and was shot behind the scenes at a French circus…yes I did want to run away with them! - tricia.

© tricia malley


Hello there!

Ages since we updated the blog...we don’t like to spoil you! Obviously lots of stuff been happening, over the next wee while we will be posting some of our favourite pics.

Commissioned portrait of Mr Alf Gordon.

© broad daylight

Some tech details

This portrait was taken on our trusty (very trusty) Hasselblad 503 body fitted with a CFV digital back. We use this camera for nearly all of our 'high end' portraits and we're really sorry to hear that, due to falling demand, Hasselblad has decided to cease production of it's V system cameras and "to reluctantly consign the V System to history"...a very sad day for an true classic.

Because the location was in the shade (dreaded winter light!) and was very dark compared to the sky behind the castle the lighting setup was more complex than the 2 lights + ambient we's breakdown of what we had to use. Two Bowens QUAD 3KM heads running from an Explorer 1500 battery generator to illuminate the foreground elements. One of the QUADs fitted with a soft reflector was placed to the left of the camera and acted as our main light on Alf. The second Quad was also placed to the left of camera but it was aimed at the background to give some detail in the wall and river bank immediately behind Alf otherwise this are would have been a solid black. Three more Bowens lights were placed on the right hand side of the location. One was a directed at Alf to act as a rim light and the other two were used light the river and wall behind Alf. This set up was then balanced to the ambient light to give us the result you see here...hope you like it!


'Hit and Run in broad daylight'

broad daylight has supplied the cover image for 'Hit and Run' the new book from Edinburgh based author Doug Johnstone. It will be featured on Amazon as the Kindle deal of the day this Sunday 22nd April. Check it out...he seems like one of the good guys.  

© broad daylight


This shot for Doug's novel was taken from Salisbury Crags and supplied as a digital monochrome file. We waited for the sun to set over Edinburgh to give the image more drama and lose some of the details such as windows and buildings which may have proved distracting in the final book jacket. The shot has been altered a little in some ways from the image supplied such as the addition of colour washes by the publisher (Faber & Faber)...such are the needs of book jacket design!

Check out more images for book jackets in our picture library section.


is there no stopping Christopher Brookmyre??  

Grove/Atlantic, the publishing house in New York is publishing Christopher Brookmyre's book WHERE THE BODIES ARE BURIED in July. They are using our portrait of him (see below) in a graveyard as an author photo and for publicity!! 

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