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great news!

As previously posted our portrait of Eddi Reader from ‘as others see us’ has been acquired by the National Portrait Gallery in London – it is now on show in their new acquisitions room until September, so if you’re in London pop in and have a look if not, see it in the - 'portraits 1' section.

Photographing Eddi was a great experience. We'd packed an iPod with external speakers and when Eddi arrived we asked if there was anything she'd like to listen to while we worked...she chose Van Morrison. During the shoot we were treated to Eddi singing along to every was like our own private concert. A truly memorable shoot was rounded off by Eddi asking us to autograph a Polaroid we'd taken of her not the other way round!...she's a special kind of person.


broad daylight, The Drum and the SNP election campaign

The Drum has reported on the successful SNP election campaign which featured our portrait of Alex Salmond on billboards and other media...see screen grab below or go to The campaign was handled by the Cor Agency.


broad daylight portraits used on snp billboard

Our portraits of Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon have been used on election billboards all over the country. Look out for them and send us a pic if you can!

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flying saucers seen over china in broad daylight!!!!!

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Portrait acquired by the National Portrait Gallery London

Eddi Reader © broad daylight

Great news!...our portrait of internationally acclaimed singer, songwriter Eddi Reader has been acquired by the National Portrait Gallery in London for their permanent collection. The portrait was taken for our on-going 'as others see us' project which features portraits of Scots and adopted Scots reflecting on the life and work of Robert Burns. Each sitter was asked to choose their favourite Burns poem or song and write a short response explaining why Burns and his work is important to them. Eddi chose the song Lovely Polly Stewart which can be seen below along with her response. The portrait joins our growing collection of images at the National Portrait Gallery including Sir Tom Hunter, Brian Souter and Professor Lesley Yellowlees (pictured at the end of this post).

Lovely Polly Stewart

The flower it blaws, it fades, it fa’s,

And art can ne’er renew it ;

But Worth and Truth eternal youth

Will gie to Polly Stewart.


May he whase arms shall fauld thy charms,

Possess a leal and true heart !

To him be given, to ken the Heaven

He holds in Polly Stewart !

Robert Burns


While making an album of Robert Burns’ music and words, I travelled millions of miles in his company. I searched gravestones for his friends and his companions; I stood in the rain outside doorways he had stood in; I drank in bars he had drunk in; I marvelled at the beauty he saw from the hills of Galloway and the Heads of Ayr and I am convinced that I was directed by him in my choices for the album. The book of his work that I was collecting from continually opened, Harry Potter–like, at the page that contained the words of the poem ‘Willie Stewart’ until the day it magically fell open at a poem called ‘Polly Stewart’. Polly was Willie’s daughter and I decided to insert it into my version of Willie Stewart. After getting loads of praise for my album, I went back to Dumfries to visit Burns’ last home and found the lines to half the verses engraved on a back window in a hidden room. I felt his company once more.

Thank you, Robert. I love you x

Eddi Reader


To purchase a copy of the 'as others see us' from Amazon click here or to purchase a copy from Luath Press click here.


Brian Souter © broad daylight


Sir Tom Hunter © broad daylight


Professor Lesley Yellowlees © broad daylight