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cream of the crop 

We have been lucky enough to have worked with Mackie's of Scotland for a few years now and every visit to their farm near Inverurie is always interesting and a pleasure.

For anyone that doesn't know (what have you been doing?!) Mackie's is a family run company that produces very high quality ice cream, crisps and now fabby chocolate. The ice cream and chocolate are made on their farm which is pretty unusual... no long distances transporting milk to a factory miles away.. Everyone on the farm is on first name terms, it doesn't matter who you are, director, stockman or sweetie kitchen supervisor there's no room for egos here. The number of 'real' families within the Mackie's family is also surprising, brothers and sisters, mothers, and sons and daughters and of course husbands and wives.

Karin Hayhow (Mackie's Marketing Director) knows how special this is and so way back in 2015 she asked us to work with her to make this project a reality.  It took a little while to actually get going (fitting in portraiture shoots with the running of a busy farm, a factory and a very successful company is a pretty complex task). We started gently, taking occasional portraits so that people could warm to the notion of having their portrait taken wearing their work clothes rather than their glad-rags. Karin also interviewed each of sitters so that the portraits could be accompanied by a quote from each of them.

Kevin Jepson, Services Manager - Engineer "I love it in my workshop, it’s my favourite place in the world… that’s because I’ve got a’thing in here, my drills, my power tools, spares... so I feel like I could mak onything!

All of the images have come together in a project called 'Faces of Mackie's' and the above portrait is just one example of the more than 50 portraits we have taken (see others here). Mackie's are using the portraits on their website (here). 

So, next time your enjoying a bowl of Mackie's Honeycomb Ice Cream or a bar of Mackie's Dark Chocolate, sit back, enjoy it and think of people... the 'Faces of Mackie's who have helped bring a little luxury into your day!

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