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visions of academia

At the end of last year we were commissioned to take eight portraits and a wrap-around cover image for The University of Edinburgh's Annual Review. Many moons ago we were both employed by the University, being familiar with physical layout of the campus as well as working within the educational system came in very handy. After an initial meeting with the client we were simply given an introduction to each of the sitters and we took it from there, obviously we kept our client up to date with our ideas and progress.

We met each of the sitters for a brief, informal chat in advance of their shoot in order to get an understanding of what they do and a feel for how we might portray them. This also gave the sitters a chance to meet us which always helps make things more relaxed during a shoot.

We then began looking for locations, seeking permissions, scheduling, logistics and making sure everyone was happy with what we proposed…thankfully everyone was.

Locations ranged from a science lab to a beach and a cow shed to a cafe, each being pertinent to the sitter's field of expertise. As well as being lovely people all of the sitters 'got' what we wanted to do which made working with them a pleasure…plus we got to see a VERY fancy robot and go to the beach!

The portraits were shot on our digital Hasselblad using a mix of flash and available light. The cover shot, which is a close up of the Principal's Robe, was lit using flash and a torch…you do what you have to do!

From initial meeting to image delivery only took a few weeks with most of the time being taken up waiting to fit in with the sitter's busy diaries.

A few days ago we met with the client to see the final publication and are happy to report that the University is delighted with our work and how we approached the commission…positive feedback is always very welcome!

Dr Liita Lyaloo Cairney © broad daylight


Dr Till Bachmann © broad daylight


Dr Deborah Fry © broad daylight


Dr Tilo Kunnath © broad daylight


Dr Sheila Rodgers © broad daylight


Professor Sethu Vijayakumar © broad daylight


Cathy Kitchen © broad daylight


Professor Geoff Simm © broad daylight


Principal's Robe © broad daylight

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