Much like the journey undertaken to reach physical perfection by each of the outstanding athletes portrayed in this exhibition, the road to realise TEAMPLAYERS has a been a long one with many twists and turns along the way. First proposed in 2010, the project has undergone various changes but the core concept has always remained the same…to celebrate endeavour and commitment. TEAMPLAYERS marks the years of hard work these athletes have put into becoming amongst the best in their particular sport. As individuals they are amazing, together as a team they are incredible….they are TEAMPLAYERS.

Sarah Adlington, Judo © broad daylight

Location: National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh


Sarah Robertson and Sam Judge, Hockey © broad daylight

Location: Dalkeith Country Park, Dalkeith


Craig Howieson, Table Tennis © broad daylight

Location: North Berwick, East Lothian


Josh Taylor, Boxing © broad daylight

Location: The King's Theatre, Edinburgh


Grace Reid, Diving © broad daylight

Location: Leith Docks, Edinburgh


Jen McIntosh, Shooting © broad daylight

Location: Calton Hill, Edinburgh


Anne Ewing, Cycling © broad daylight

Location: The Great Hall, Edinburgh Castle


Alan Clyne, Squash © broad daylight

Location: The Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh


Claire Brownie, Netball © broad daylight

Location: The Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh


Craig Carfray, Weightlifting © broad daylight

Location: The Kelpies, Falkirk

The TEAMPLAYERS project, conceived and produced by broad daylight, has captured ten rising sporting stars. Each of the athletes was photographed standing on a plinth in a Scottish landscape with locations that ranged from countryside to urban and industrial. Their clothing is an indication of their sport and the stances adopted reflect the physical and mental attitude require to compete at this level. The settings are deliberately incongruous and mostly, distinctly Scottish. The viewer is being asked to take time to consider the nature of what they are seeing, not merely a record of time and place but hopefully providing some insight into the determination, character, ideals and aspirations that make each athlete worthy of their place in this legacy exhibition.

‘Equality, Humanity and Destiny’ - The three core values of the Commonwealth Games

The exhibition launched at the Royal Commonwealth Pool, Edinburgh on 30th May and ran until 18th June 2014. It will also be on show in The Museum of Edinburgh from 5th July before traveling to The University of Edinburgh Centre for Sport and Exercise later in the year.

sponsored by

The City Of Edinburgh Council - The University of Edinburgh - Eastern Exhibition & Display - Inoapps