Tricia and Ross took the time to understand our organisation and brand and produced a library of high quality photographs that we have used in our on-line and print publications. They are extremely personable and put the subjects of the photos at ease.

Antoinette Mills - European Case Clearing House


Thanks to Tricia and Ross for taking my picture. Sitting for a photograph is always difficult for me but they made me feel comfortable and I didn’t feel like they had stolen my soul.

Eddi Reader - musician singer songwriter


The photos in this book were taken by Ross Gillespie and Tricia Malley. I first encountered their work when I was asked to submit short story to Edit, the in-house magazine of the University of Edinburgh...The photograph used to illustrate it excited me immediately...I liked it so much I sent it to my publishers in London...It was to prove the beginning of a fruitful relationship. (extract from Rebus's Scotland)

Ian Rankin - crime novelist author of the Rebus novels


I have had many cameras thrust in my face. That is the lot of an international love-god and style icon (which I am). However, I have never experienced such a creative and rewarding shoot as that I had with Ross and Tricia. And they gave me soup. Really nice soup. Homemade soup. I miss them. And the soup.

Hardeep Singh Kohli - author broadcaster


I have been working with broad daylight since 2004. Ross and Tricia are very personable and extremely professional and I have been very pleased with the quality of their photographs which I use regularly in a wide range of publicity material.

Lesley Lind - University of St Andrews


Some authors don’t like being photographed, but I think it is very useful to future generations to see what the person actually looked like, filling in the impression created by the writer’s words. I had no qualms about being portrayed in this case, not only because of the photographers’ reputation and technical skill, but because they clearly had a real feeling for the person. Each photograph in the exhibition was thus surprising in its own way, throwing light on the sitter, and on his or her art or professional skill. Beyond technique, the broad daylight team had the confidence to uncover something of the inner life of the sitter, and so provide a real insight.

Edwin Morgan - Scotland's National Poet


I am very flattered to be part of Ross Gillespie's and Tricia Malley's as others see us exhibition. Tricia and Ross are real masters and it is a thrill to see my portrait alongside famous Scots.

Sir Moir Lockhead - FirstGroup Plc


'as others see us' was one of the best projects of the Homecoming year.

Alex Salmond - First Minister of Scotland


Look at the photographs. Here is an exceptional talent. Tricia Malley and Ross Gillespie - they are as one creators and producers - have given us twenty-six arresting images. (extract from Portraits of Excellence)

Professor Colin Bell - Vice Chancellor of both Bradford and Stirling University

Meeting up with Ross and Tricia proved to be an interesting exercise. Two accomplished photographers, both with a broad range of different expertise, working to a common goal. Both very easy going with few formalities which, incidentally, is how they like to project their business. As they offer such a broad range of services, we decided to concentrate on their rather stunning and individual portraits.

Christian Hough - Photo Pro magazine


....broad daylight simply understands that a picture can tell more than a thousand words.

Mandy Rhodes - Holyrood Magazine