Ian Rankin - Inspector Rebus author   " The photos in this book were taken by Ross Gillespie and Tricia Malley. I first encountered their work when I was asked to submit short story to Edit, the in-house magazine of the University of Edinburgh...The photograph used to illustrate it excited me immediately...I liked it so much I sent it to my publishers in London...It was to prove the beginning of a fruitful relationship. " (extract from Rebus's Scotland)

Hardeep Singh Kohli comedian and broadcaster   " I have had many cameras thrust in my face. That is the lot of an international love-god and style icon (which I am). However, I have never experienced such a creative and rewarding shoot as that I had with Ross and Tricia. And they gave me soup. Really nice soup. Homemade soup. I miss them. And the soup. "

Lesley Lind - University of St Andrews   " I have been working with broad daylight since 2004. Ross and Tricia are very personable and extremely professional and I have been very pleased with the quality of their photographs which I use regularly in a wide range of publicity material. "

Mandy Rhodes - Holyrood Magazine   "....broad daylight simply understands that a picture can tell more than a thousand words."

Christian Hough - Photo Pro magazine   "Meeting up with Ross and Tricia proved to be an interesting exercise. Two accomplished photographers, both with a broad range of different expertise, working to a common goal. Both very easy going with few formalities which, incidentally, is how they like to project their business. As they offer such a broad range of services, we decided to concentrate on their rather stunning and individual portraits. "

Alex Salmond - Ex First Minister of Scotland   " 'as others see us' was one of the best projects of the Homecoming year. "

Eddi Reader - musician singer songwriter " Thanks to Tricia and Ross for taking my picture. Sitting for a photograph is always difficult for me but they made me feel comfortable and I didn’t feel like they had stolen my soul. "

Antoinette Mills - European Case Clearing House " Tricia and Ross took the time to understand our organisation and brand and produced a library of high quality photographs that we have used in our on-line and print publications. They are extremely personable and put the subjects of the photos at ease. "

Barbara Morgan - Head of Publishing and Communications The University of Edinburgh " Wow! It’s super to see so many shots coming in - and all looking wonderful! "

Barbara Morgan - Head of Publishing and Communications The University of Edinburgh " Just heard from the Principal - and it's brilliant news! He thinks the photography - all of it - is wonderful! The Principal actually said this is the best Annual Report we've so far produced - and I think this is largely due to the photography. So it's a huge heartfelt thank you from me to you both! Happy days! "